Public Star Party - Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Description: Seventh Annual Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

When you click on the "Click here for more details" link below, you will go to the Bryce Canyon National Park website. Once there, click on the "Site Index" link, then under "Plan Your Visit/Things To Do/Outdoor Activities", click on "Astronomy Programs" to see additional information about the event.

SLAS Contact Person: Don Colton - 571-9757

Bryce Canyon National Park Contact Persons:
Angie Richman - Astronomy VIP Coordinator - (435) 834-4444
Chad Moore - NPS Night Sky Team - (435) 834-4904 -

Please fill out a participation form and send it to:
Angie Richman
Bryce Canyon National Park
PO Box 640201
Bryce Canyon, UT 84764

PDF format: 2007 SLAS VIP Participation Agreement
Word Doc: 2007 SLAS VIP Participation Agreement

View Bryce poster: 2007 Bryce Poster

Please send Don Colton the following information:
1. Numbers of nights participating.
2. Telescope(s) participant is bringing.
3. License number of vehicle.
4. If you want free camping. No hookups are available.
Location: Bryce Canyon National park.

Check at the Visitors' Center, located just inside the entrance to the park, for the star party location.
Click here for more details.

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