Stansbury Park Observatory Complex (SPOC)
Harmons Observatory

Interior Work
14 AUG 2001 to 13 JUN 2019
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Bruce Grim, Andy Bogdan & Roger Butz lay electrical cable from the power pole to the observatory.  14 AUG 2001  McNeil photo


Bruce Grim hands Andy Bogdan the power cable he then ran through conduit into the observatory.  Roger Butz looks on.  14 AUG 2001  McNeil photo


Newly dug trench containing the conduit and cable which will supply power to the observatory, 15 AUG 2001


I D Electric's Mark Olsen donates his time and materials to run electrical power to the Harmons Observatory.  Thanks Mark!.  07 SEP 2001


Mark Olsen's job is done and Harmons Observatory has electrical power.  14 SEP 2001


Andy Bogdan sets the dust a flyin' as he drills a hole for electrical conduit in the concrete.  14 FEB 2002


What's wrong with this picture?  Patrick Wiggins demonstrates what to do after finding you've bolted a sign to the wall upside down.  17 FEB 2002


Bruce Grim with the two desks and book case that he and Patrick Wiggins just loaded for the trip to Harmons Observatory's control room.  01 MAR 2002


Ron Ford demonstrates the theme of the day: "Tidying up the interior."  06 MAR 2002


Andy Bogdan, Bruce Grim and Ken Harris clean up the Grim Scope bay.  06 MAR 2002


Lighting set up around the Grim Scope bay's east door is typical of other doorway areas at Harmons Observatory.  Note the illuminated exit sign and double flood lights (one red, one white), all controlled by separate dimmers located to the right of the door.  06 MAR 2002


Much dust was in the air as Roger Butz measured the control room for carpet.  Note the extensive use of 110 VAC power strips.  06 MAR 2002


Ron Ford checks out one of the two donated computers that will be used with the Grim Scope (seen in the background).  06 MAR 2002


A view showing the Ealing side of the control room.  The Ealing scope itself can be seen in the background.  06 MAR 2002

015             016            017            018
Patricia McWhorter, Hank Williams, Patrick Wiggins & Bob Grant paint the walls of the Grim Scope bay. 13 APR 2002


Bruce Grim and Ron Ford install the track for the Control room's east window shade. 12 JUL 2002


Patrick Wiggins cuts track for the control room window shades.  16 JUL 2002  Bruce Grim image


Bruce Grim and Roger Butz install track for the control room's west window shade.  16 JUL 2002

022                 023
Patricia McWhorter demonstrates the east and west control room window shades.  24 JUL 2002


Bruce Grim and Roger Butz fashion the new counter for the control room from a discarded desk top.  04 AUG 2002


Patrick Wiggins and Bruce Grim install the counter.  04 AUG 2002


Roger Butz enjoys the new space afforded by the new counter as Bruce Grim looks on.  04 AUG 2002


Patrick Wiggins crawls out of his hole...  Actually, Patrick had been in there attaching the final piece of counter to the wall.  30 AUG 2002  Roger Butz image.


The printer donated by Roen Hale rests on the final piece of counter.  30 AUG 2002


Dave Stewart & Roger Butz beginning the installation of the first "Wall of Fame".  21 SEP 2002

030                 031                 032
Walls of Fame finished except for molding, stain and commemorative plaques.  23 SEP 2002

033                 034

Dave Stewart and Roger Butz putting sealcoat on one of the new "Walls of Fame".  06 OCT 2002  McNeil images


After Dave Stewart installed the molding (which he fabricated himself).  31 OCT 2002

036                 037                 038
Ken Harris, Bruce Grim, Kim Hyatt & Patrick carry carpet squares into the observatory.  28 NOV 2003


Roger Ockey and Bruce Grim with the Grim Scope's computer in it's new position (note the donated flat screen monitor).  07 SEP 2006


Gigi Giles dusts the "Wall of Fame".  14 JUL 2012


Bruce Grim sweeps the Grim Scope bay's floor.  14 JUL 2012


Rodger Fry vacuuming the rafters of the Grim Scope bay.  14 JUL 2012


Mike Anderson and Fred Swanson clean the rafters of the Grim Scope bay.  14 JUL 2012


Patrick Wiggins repairs the ladder in the Ealing bay.  14 JUL 2012  Gigi Giles image



Kevin Hayes. 28 JUL 2012


Mickey Mouse Scope display.  Picture taken just after Ann House and Patrick Wiggins installed a sign explaining the history
of the scope.  They also installed some ceramic stars and a thank you card which had been sent by the owners of the Tait Gallery
in London, England after their 28 JUL 2012 visit to SPOC.  13 JUN 2019


Sign explaining the history of the Mickey Mouse Scope.  13 JUN 2019

050                 051

Thank you card which had been sent by the owners of the Tait Galleryin London, England after their 28 JUL 2012 visit to SPOC.
The card accompanied the collection of ceramic stars seen hanging from the top of the display.  13 JUN 2019