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Meade 10" LX200 Classic

Sherrod scope! Excellent condition. Perfect, gorgeous mirrors. Has tripod, soft case, 110v power supply, finder scope, hand controller and cables, diagonal, BIG eyepiece tray.

Can email pics upon request.

Wonderful telescope, located in Moab! Willing to meet within a couple hundred miles.


Call or text Alex at 435-210-0066, or email
Posted Until: 11/4/2017


Excellent Condition with Flawless mirror and many add ons!
The Meade LightBridge 16" f/4.5 Truss-Tube Dobsonian Reflector Telescope offers four times the image brightness as an 8" telescope used at the same magnification and 75% more than a 12" model. In fact, this is the largest LightBridge model. The 16" LightBridge Deluxe Truss-Tube Dobsonian features a superior Meade quality multi-coated, diffraction limited 16" primary mirror, focal length 1829mm (f/4.5). The optics of this style of telescope are only as good as their mounting, which is why Meade engineers gave the LightBridge primary mirror a top of the line, fully adjustable, high strength but lightweight aluminum stress free floating multi-point cell with built in cooling fan. The included battery pack for the fan takes 8 (user supplied) AA. Other features include a high quality, precision machined dual ratio 2" Crayford style focuser with 10:1 micro focus control, and 1.25" adapter so you can use either 1.25" or 2" barrel eyepieces. Includes a 2" diameter Meade Series 4000 26mm QX Wide Angle Eyepiece for stunning wide angle views. The viewfinder is an easy to use red dot unit with four user selectable reticle pattern options and seven step brightness control. The open truss design of the LightBridge Dobsonians means it is more portable than a solid tube design, and only takes a few moments to set up and break down for travel and transport. The rigid truss frame design ensures a no-compromises view through the telescope. The sturdy laminated finish wooden Dobsonian mount includes premium features such as roller bearings on the azimuth (side to side) axis and large diameter aluminum altitude (vertical axis) bearings with a hand adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement.

Included with the package are the following eyepiece and accessories: 40mm, 32mm, 15mm, 12.4mm, 9.7mm, 6.4mm, 10mm televue, 19mm televue. Filters: moon, green, red, yellow, deep sky and nebula. Case and weather cover included.

Total Cost: $1685.00 all inclusive. Location is downtown Salt Lake City. No shipping;
This is a Steal! 801-232-0408
Posted Until: 11/1/2017
Meade 10 inch Schmidt Newtonian Telescope, Model LXD55 with heavy duty equatorial mount. In very good condition. Optics are great. f/4, 1016 mm focal length. Has auto tracking drive with variable speed slewing. Has computer controlled Autostar feature to locate thousands of objects, but is difficult to use. Scope is about 10 years old. Call or text Dan Syroid at 435-602-9957 or Located near Parleys summit, top of I-80.
Posted Until: 10/20/2017
Need to liquidate nearly brand new astronomy equipment. I bought all of this between November and December 2016 and have only taken the scope out to my front yard 4 times. Much of the equipment has never been used.

Meade LightBridge 16" Deluxe truss-tube dobsonian telescope (comes with light shroud and Orion Scope Cloak ($1500)

Televue Ethos eyepieces - 21mm ($600), 13mm ($400), 6mm ($300)
Televue Paracorr Type 2 ($300)
Buy all 4 Televue items, get a free TeleVue Ethos eyepiece case or buy eyepiece case ala carte for $75.

Never used Lumicon Filters: 2" UHC, H-Beta, OIII ($150 each), 1.25" UHC, H-Beta, OIII ($50 each)

Never used Orion filters: 2" Variable Polarizer 1%-40% ($30), 2" Skyglow ($100), 1.25" Deluxe 6-filter set (#80A medium blue, #25 red, #58 green, and #15 deep yellow, Skyglow, Variable Polarizer) ($75)

Orion Zooom! eyepiece ($80)

Orion 9x50 Solar Finderscope ($50)

Never used CatsEye XLKP auto-collimator ($75)

CatsEye CatsPerch Summit Observing stool (Assembled and finished with cushion and Saturn engraving) ($300)

Z-Bolt Galaxy XT Extreme Temperature Ruggedized Green Laser ($50)

I live in Eagle Mountain, UT and would prefer to deliver directly rather than deal with shipping. Call or text Aaron Sellers at (801) 900-6313.
Posted Until: 9/5/2017


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